II Workshop

"Archaeological Landscape and minor Cultural Heritage. Reconstructing the past as a living entity"

9-13 October 2018, Catania - Scicli, Sicily

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The second workshop will focus on the scientific, social and economic role that “minor” archaeological sites played in shaping the social landscape of Sicily from prehistory from prehistory to present days.

A great part of Mediterranean cultural heritage is represented by non monumental sites that are crucial in shaping modern landscape, but are too often cut off from touristic routes and Heritage industry, which focus on major archaeological complexes.

Minor sites, which are composed not only by built dwelling and tombs, but also by rock cut tombs and dwellings and caves, have however, a huge scientific, social and even economic potential because they reflect past material practices, land use and symbolic expressions of power, but also a social and economic resource for present society.

The workshop will provide an arena of discussion for the following topics: a) assessing which procedures of investigation and analysis are more appropriate to get the maximum information from these minor sites; b) developing strategies for an efficient communication, based on a “total” narrative, and a deep, multi-sensorial, real or virtual experience of these monuments; c) ascertaining ways to enhance the social and economic value of minor sites, creating a sustainable development.


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